Sunday, March 12, 2017

Conquering My Food Addiction

      Growing up, I don't think I knew it for myself being I was still a young kid yet, but I had a hardcore eating disorder.
From the earliest of my childhood memories I can remember, I loved food. No, I mean like, REALLY loved food.
I would have second helping every meal I could, I would have snacks throughout the day as well.
Then, when we were put to bed at night, I would stay awake until my parents went to bed and I could sneak into the pantry and grab some Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Cheez-Its, or any other snacks there were. I wouldn't just grab one either, I would grab a handful.

I was 10 years old and considered obese.


   Fast forward into the years, 20 years old, living on my own, and struggling more than ever.
Not just with food but with my health.

For 7 months, I have gone to the doctor anywhere from 2 times to 4 times a week. I have chronic nausea, chronic migraines, I am sick 24/7, along with rapid weight gain that no doctor could explain.

Well, one thing is for sure...I hate myself. When I look in the mirror, I hate everything I see. I have gained 40 pounds, 3 pant sizes, 2 shirt sizes, and my acne is out of control.
   There's so many times, I find myself eating when I'm not even hungry. Then getting up and dishing myself another over-portioned helping. I'm not hungry but it doesn't matter. I eat when I'm sad, angry, happy, depressed and all the in-between. Food is my answer to everything. Food is my comfort.
     Today is the day I decide this is not me nor who I want to be. I no longer want to look in the mirror and hate my image.

Food is my best friend but I'm 20 years old with a "friendly" addiction that is destroying me deep down inside.

   Fast forward two months to TODAY...

It's March 12th, 2017; 3 in the morning.

Two months ago, I changed my entire diet simply because I was fed up with my image.
I completely cut out Sugar and most Carbs. I am down 20 Pounds, a pant size, as well as a shirt size.
AND I NO LONGER HAVE HEALTH ISSUES!! I haven't seen the doctor even once since I began eating different and I have more energy than ever before. Not to mention - My eating disorder.....GONE.

I have CONQUERED not just one but several personal addictions as I have learned what it means to respect yourself, have self control, and know what you are worth!

     The last 2 months I have learned more about myself then I have in many years combined. I have learned how my relationship with food has held be back from so many thing throughout the years not to mention how rough it can be when you sweep your issues under the rug and ignore them.

Before you argue that I'm going to begin back at square one....This isn't a diet. a way of Life. Why? Because I am more confident than I have ever been! I now have control, I have hope, and i can see the progress I have made not just my physical health but with my whole being involving my emotions and my mentality as well.

I am going to wrap this up with a verse straight from the Word.
 "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."m going to wrap this up with a quote straight from the Word."
For years, I tried many different diets, many different techniques, and even working out but until I really really wanted to change - nothing ever changed. Not until I had the WILL to do what it took to truly conquer everything that was going on inside of me and ripping it up from the roots of my insecurities.

I will forever give God the credit for the strength He has given me to conquer not just my eating disorder but all the other addictions in my past as well as addictions usually intertwine with eachother.

At this moment, I still have 30 pounds to go. As I plan to lose another 2-3 pant sizes and shirt size as well - Life is a work in progress.

This is my testimony.


  1. Touching story, I can relate and know how it feels to hate​ how you look and feel. Thanks fo sharing!

    1. Ben, thank you for reading. I hope my experience can become an encouragement to others.