Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Open Letter to My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,
I want to begin by saying you are one of the most important things in my life right now in my thoughts and prayers.
Some nights, I lay awake, not being able to sleep, and think of you. I wonder if we have met, if we talk, of if we have crossed eachother on the street or have made eye contact.
Some days, it drives me nuts that I don't know. Some days, it's frustrating. Afterall, I strive for the deep connection, a strong relationship, marriage, and a family of my own. And honestly, some days, I have cried to God about you.
When I think of you, I try my best to pray for you, for your safety, for your growth (spiritually and emotionally), for your health, and especially your relationship with God.
I pray that we are growing, not just physically, but spiritually too, as our father in heaven is preparing us for eachother.
But sometimes, it's difficult too. I'm praying for you, for someone who is nearly abstract. A thought in my head, a desire, someone I long for in my heart. But I know that God has put that desire on my heart for a reason. We may not know eachother now but what counts is who we are in the mean time and who we allow ourselves to become.
Dearest love, I know how life can be tough. I have had my fair share of struggles, and feel I have had to grow up quickly. But what is most important is how we deal with those difficulties. Try your best to make the best decisions that you can. Not just for you but for your future...our future.

In times of need, I pray that you are seeking God. For not just the difficult life decisions but for the simple too. Because throughout life, people will be in and out, people who were important to you a year ago may have no means go contact with you today. That's life. Thats what happens, we are human, we all change but no matter what, through all the chaos, the lights, the noise, the distractions, and the change, our father in heaven will always be there for you.
To sum it up, the most important thing that you, that we can both do for eachother is continue to strive for our relationship with God.
And most importantly, in the silent times, remember to seek God. In the painful times, remember to praise God. In the terrible times, Trust God. And at all times, thank God.
To my dearest future husband, I love you. ❤️
Sincerely, The Girl Next Door.

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