Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Trees and I - We are Alike

Not many know this about me, but I, for one, love nature. When I still lived at home, whenever I became bored, had nothing to do, or was upset, I would go for a run down our country road. There is never a time that I felt closer to nature that God has created for me to look at.

When I look back on recent years, I can compare myself to a piece of nature known as trees.
When I look at trees it is as if they have an unforeseen strength. Somewhere, there's a hidden secret. Underneath the very ground I am running upon, they have sent their ferocious roots.
When I stop to look up, I realize how tell and how far they are growing but, hidden under where no one sees, they also grow down, grabbing the earth with every bit they have. It as if they have an anger but this is how they keep.

At first glance, trees don't seem powerful. Trees are, often times, overlooked and are under appreciated in the midst of the caose of the cars roaring by, the lights of the city, and the noise of the people passing by. 
Just like trees, God's force in me, hidden within, is more powerful and more beautiful than the naked eye can see. The power and the beauty of trees also coordinates with my next thought.
Trees seem to have this constant silent anger and the way they grow is an am example of the anger, the passion, that they have.
I, sometimes, have felt misplaced and alone, and by looking at those trees in another a different view, on another level, I can identify with these trees.
Trees are not literally angry as I have explained them to be but rather I have been able to implant my anger, my passion into trees. I want to, just like trees, to continue to grow bigger and taller and achieve goals and dreams despite my past and current circumstances. Even though trees cannot physically pick themselves up and move someplace else, trees continue to reach for something in hopes to discover who they really are...what they were truly meant for beyond their current circumstances.
From any and every tree, I take the little advice they have shown me to keep reaching for what I am looking for to find my dreams and live them with a passion. 
I can take a long deep look into trees and begin to realize that I and the trees are more like eachother that I had realized. At times, I have thought that I am the only one who is able to understand trees and trees are the only ones to understand me.
Emotionally connecting myself, I can find beauty of willpower and perseverance that trees show. 
From any and every tree, I take the little advice they have shown me to keep reaching for what I am looking for to find my dreams and live them with a passion. But most importantly, not to just grow upward but to grow deeper too. Meaning, my relationship with God is going to be what will allow me the knowledge (the nutrition) to grow upward and forward  to what God has planned for me.

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  1. Beautiful, Molly! The metaphor is great. Isn't it wonderful that God has created a world in which we see Him and His truths at all times?!