Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blessings in Disquise

As I sit here, I wonder where the time has gone by. I will be turning 20 in about 5 months and life, especially this past year, has moved by so quickly.
In this past year's time, I have traveled to Mexico, graduated Highschool, gone through my first dating relationship, had the honor of being in not one but two weddings, managed to total my car not once but TWICE in less than 6 weeks, moved out and got a place of my own, quit my part time job to get a full time job along side a part time job later on, joined TaeKwonDo and oh my... I am overwhelemed with everything that has happened.

That seems like a lot but honestly, that is just a tiny part of what has happened. In everything I just said, you only know the topic of what has happened but the details of what truly happened are still a mystery. And, by that, I mean to say that beneath all of those things, not only are there smiles, laughter, joy, and blessings, but there are also tears, moments of hopelessness, confusion, anger, and times I honestly didn't know where, why, or how I had gotten to the place of confusion to the point of doubting who I truly was...or rather "whose" I was.

Through all the change, many things happened including losing a few people I hought would be in my life forever that are no longer here. And in that, came anger, confusion, hurt, and a broken heart. But honestly, I believe God took them out of my life for a good reason. One of those reasons is the fact that to even be around those people, I couldn't be me. Over the period of a few months, I had thrown away everything that I truly loved and believed in, including my family and my relationship with God. At the time, I didn't see it or rather, I wasn't willing to because a certain person had my heart and I was willing to do anything for them. Looking back, I know that all my tears were a blessing in disguise. It was a growing opportunity....a lesson learned.
But that's the thing, I truly believe that the toughest moments in life are what makes us who we are.
Although life brings disappointment in the moment and hearts can be broken, that is nothing that God cannot heal.
It's been only a year, and in that short time, God has done some drastic work and I've grown a lot.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God speaks saying, "For I know the plans I for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm. Plans to give you a hope and a future."

With that being said, To sum it up, I mean to say to never allow what the devil uses to hurt you to scare you, because God will use those moments to prosper you.
Never compromise or question what God has planned for you. He brings situations and people in your life to stay a while, some fade out while others stay forever. Trust God in everything that you do. Take it from me, even when it doesn't seem like it, He knows what's up.

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  1. Good for you, Girl Next Door. Life is full of hard lessons but as Pastor Keith says, God is all about loving His people and drawing them closer to Him. ❤️