Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas: a Season of Tinsel, lights, and Glee....or is it?

  Today I imagine myself 12 years ago. I was 8 years old, a smile on my face, and not a care in the world as I pounce across the room and plop on the floor next to the Christmas tree.
I lie on the floor and look up at the circling as the ornaments and lights reflect off the walls, windows, and across the room. I take a breath of fresh air with a smile on my face as I hum along to the light chorus of Christmas music in the background.
My hand reaches for a reindeer striped gift-

wrapped box with a pretty bow to top it off. I shake it and I listen to the rustle and tussle it makes inside. I begin to imagine the numerous things it could be in that little head of mine. 
I loved Christmas, still do. Christmas is all tinsel and lights, music and glee, little Jesus, presents and cookies. Or is it?
That's what I used to believe, that's what I wish. But, unfortunately, for some individuals, couples, and families, Christmas is Everything BUT happy. 
Some have lost a loved one - some physically, others maybe mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 
Others struggle to pay their bills yet alone feel the pressure to buy a gift for those they love and care about the most. Yet others Christmas has always been a time of stress and I could name so many more instances this rings true.
The point is, be gentle this Christmas season. 
Say thank you to that cashier because she's been holding back her tears all day. 
Allow that man to go ahead of you in the checkout line, his wife just lost her job.
Give that crying little boy a smile, he hasn't slept in days as he pukes everything he eats.
Have patience with that student who seems like she doesn't care, things is, underneath that sweatshirt she's wearing, she has sliced herself as she struggles with depression and self harm.
And be gentle to the young gal, she's raising her kids alone as her boyfriend has been away for over a year as he serves in the military. 
Everyone has a story beneath that smile, frown, and tear.
Be gentle this Christmas season and most of all pray for those around you especially those you love.

To those struggling this Christmas season, hold on. You're not alone and we'll get through this together. <3

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